phpBB control panel

phpbb ACP style


The Leenoz control panel was created on the basis of high flexibility to suit all tastes in terms of changing colors, creating specialized designs and changing icons, as well as responding to all screen sizes for easy control through mobile and tablet devices, the control panel relies on the twig syntax, which in turn gives it high speed and better performance, also use ajax to fetch pages without the need to reload the page completely. It also provides statistics for topics and posts and displays data annually, monthly, or daily, and stats for the current browsers on your website to make it easier to know the most used browsers and a world map to find out the most countries from which visitors come to your website so you can provide them with content that suits them.

phpbb control panel theme


  • Fully responsive ( Bootstrap v4.5 )
  • Freedom to choose a color ( Unlimited colors )
  • Twig compile templates
  • Custom themes
  • Custom icons
  • Swipe left and right ( Touch screens )
  • RTL support ( Right To Left )
  • Available 5 language ( English, Italian, French, Russian, Arabic )
  • Quick access ( Search field )
  • Fluid layout
  • Google web fonts
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Icons menu ( Collapsed menu )
  • Pop-ups notifications
  • Stats charts and visitors map
  • Collapsed panels
  • Dark/Light mode
  • Modern pagination
  • Internet disconnection alert
  • Error handle

Important Notes

  1. Not support auto-update

    If a new version of phpbb is available, we will review it within a working week to see if there are new features to be added.

  2. Not support convert the extensions to the new look automatically.

    If you want to convert any extension, we will happy to convert it for you into the new look for free if the extension license allows the edit.

    All converted extensions will be added so that all users can download them.

  3. Updates will be available continuously and free lifetime unless the PhpBB developer team changes the infrastructure of the control panel so that we are not allowed to make further modifications to our design.

Sources & libraries